Day 9 – Investigating Kerbs

Jamie and Kens Blog

What a glorious day. Wall to wall sunshine from start to finish. Magnificent scenery and lovely company. If there is a better place to be, I’ve yet to find it.

Jeremy wasn’t with us today, but he was with us in spirit, and we were undoubtedly dancing to his tune. Jeremy had theorised that an arc of stones around the western side of the site could potentially be a kerb for a Bronze Age cairn instead of part of the Long house and enclosure. Interesting idea, and one that needed to be developed, so today was spend expanding the area of excavation to investigate whether the idea has legs.

The day started with Helen and Mike continuing to excavate just outside the south-west wall. Catherine took over an area at the extreme of the  south longhouse wall, while Alistair, Debbie F. Dave and Sue, set about the task of cleaning the interior.

Meanwhile Faiqa, Debbie W, Jamie Q and Ken erected the new tent with the help of Ian and Tina. But is was Faiqa who led the way. Does she have degree in tent erection?  She seemed to be totally confident in the way she went about it.

After that, JQ, Ian, Debbie W and Ken cut back a large area of bracken to the west of the site which appeared to hide a semi circle of stones. The jury is out on the interpretation. Faiqa, under Jamie’s guidance, drew a baulk between the medieval structure and the outer southern wall which had to be recorded before it was removed in the cause of investigating the kerb.


Debbie involved in a little slash and  burn technology while we clear the bracken

Catherine discovered the first charcoal deposit of the day, with Helen and Mike finding more in their trench. A general cleaning of the northern extremes was undertaken by Debbie W and Catherine who were ably assisted by three young visitors.

A big push was made to clear and clean around the large boulders at the western end. It is beginning to look as though these form a circular end to the longhouse or could even be a ring cairn in their own right. Many questions to be answered.

The day ended with Jamie flying the drone and taking aerial photos of the site.


Todays team each standing on stones of the putative kerb


Jon trying to explain how to fly to a very stunned Debbie

A big thank you to everyone. A lot of hard work with much achieved.


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