Day 12 – Hot Hot Hot

Debbie’s Blog

Well I know we should not complain but wow, the heat today was something else.  Jeremy decided that we would all take regular breaks to get out of the heat if needed and re-hydrate.  The new tent was a god send and the volunteers that wanted some shade made good use of it. After the mornings debriefing from Jeremy all volunteers headed off to make a start on their designated areas.

It was lovely to see three new volunteers joining us today, Colin, Suzanne and Jeanette. Although they had not been involved in any archaeological project before they all set about their tasks with great enthusiasm.

Colin and Suzanne worked on the area of the rough stoned surface to see if they could locate and edge.  They cleaned back the area that was uncovered using trowels.  When it appeared the surface was still continuing they extended further and continued cleaning back.  Lets hope we can uncover that edge tomorrow.


Well done to both of you today

Suzanne set to work on the rough cobbled surface on the north-east side of Long House Close.  She was in safe hands as she was in this area with Lesley, Marlene and Catherine.  Lesley discovered some charcoal within the deposit that she was working on and proceeded to take a sample.  Marlene found the first Iron nail on this side of site which was fantastic.


Well it may be hot but it does not stop these girls from smiling.  Great progressed made here today


Marlene showing the iron nail found earlier in the day

Sadly there were no finds from the south-west side today but there is a possibility that we my be starting to see evidence of the edge of the rough stone surface.  Alan and Piers (sorry for spelling your name wrong last time Piers) were working on the outer area of this surface and they did seem to think they may have found an edge.  Fingers crossed.


Alan and Piers modelling the appropriate head wear for working in this weather


This extent of the possible Bronze Age structure may be within our grasp

Work also continued at the base of the possible revetment wall that is visible on the bottom of the slope.  Both Jennifer and Frances found charcoal within the deposits in this area.  Again samples were taken of both deposits in an attempt to obtain a C14 date


Jennifer took samples from the outer deposit at the base of the possible revetment wall


The samples Frances took were from the area between the possible revetment stones

Bob, who was also in charge of showing around any visitors today, continued in the area he had to worked on previous days which is located to the left of the passage way of Long House Close.  I am pleased to say it does appear that he has reached the natural within this area. The distinctive orange colour of the natural can be seen in the photo below.  Well Bob maybe Jeremy will finally free you from this area.


Bob exposing the natural

As the day went on it was decided to take down a section within one of the recorded areas of roughly stoned surfaces. Piers had finished cleaning the outer edge, so after stringing up a section line he proceeded to remove the stones.  The aim of this is to identify if any other surfaces are present within this area.


Carefully removing the stones within a designated area

As most of you will know we had also obtained a date from the Iron Age in one of the areas within Long House Close last year.  My task for the day was to clean back the area and investigate it further.  Me and Jeremy decided the best plan of action was to place a section through a possible feature that was visible on the surface.  Although I need to do more work here tomorrow it is definitely looking promising.  John did find an iron object using the metal detector within the deposit but at present we can not give a date to this.  Hopefully tomorrow might give us some more answers.


John scanning the newly excavated area


The iron object located within the deposit

So even though the heat was high today everyone still managed to achieve the days objectives.


The weary workers finishing for the day

I just thought I would add a picture taken from my drone flight yesterday as it gives you an idea of just how far we have come.  Cant believe we only have a few days left in magical place.


One of the shots taken with the drone

Had to add this cheeky shot I got of Debbie W as she was about to catch the drone!


Well caught Debs

See you tomorrow




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