About the Project

The Longhouse project is an initiative from the Duddon Valley Local History Group, in conjunction with the Lake District National Park Authority, the National Trust and Oxford Archaeology North. The project will involve are undertaking a programme of survey and excavation of three medieval long houses in the Duddon Valley near Seathwaite Tarn. The aim of the programme is to discover the history of these fascinating monuments and their associated upland landscape.


The first stage of the programme in survey of the long houses and the wider landscape. This will involve both the recording the long houses using a theodolite, and a geophysical survey around each of the long houses, looking for significant buried remains. In addition the wider landscape and environment will be mapped by a process called photogrammetry using photographs taken from a drone, and a palaeoenvironmental survey of the peat bogs in the area will look at how the environment has changed over time. Specifically this looked at what types of vegetation, such as trees or grasses, have flourished at different times and how these reflect man’s manipulation of these upland pastures.

The latter phase of work, due to take place between 16th June and 3rd July 2016, will be the excavation of longhouse Tonguehouse A. This will be followed by an analysis of the results and publication.

For more information about the excavation programme contact Mr Stephe Cove – duddondig@gmail.com or visit the Duddon Valley Local History Group page: www.duddonhistory.org.uk/ or oxfordarchaeology.com




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